Trond Greve, Co-founder and communication designer

Trond founded Mir while studying communication design and illustration at the Norwegian Academy of Art and Design. Besides reading a lot of books, Trond spends his spare time fishing, hiking and doing other outdoor activities.

Mats Andersen, Co-founder and spatial designer

Mats started playing around with 3D rendering while studying spatial design at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. Besides his barefoot running project, Mats is a well known figure in the Alfa Romeo racing community as he constantly keeps modifying his old race car to improve his lap times.

Nick O’Leary, Partner and Architect

Nick is an architect and ex-surfer dude from New Zealand. Besides doing his magic as partner at Mir, he also has some serious oil painting skills. Nick has studied under the famous Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum.

Vegard Aarseth, Partner and ex-farmer

Vegard grew up on a farm deep in the Norwegian fjords, but his love for illustration lured him to the city. After he strayed away to Iceland, where he farmed sheep for a year, Vegard found his way back to Mir and is now at the very core of our team.

Jan-Erik Sletten, Partner and spatial designer

Jan-Erik is a beer-brewing foodie (with a special love for desserts). As partner in Mir, his main areas of expertise is composition and color.  Jan-Erik has been with Mir since almost the start.

Solvår Sæter, Manager and CFO

After growing up on a farm, film studies led Solvår to the big city where she ended up as a booking manager handling some of the world’s biggest music artists. Now, Solvår basically runs things here at Mir, taking care of our bookings while making sure everyone behaves.

Piotr Truszczynski, Architect and bodybuilder

Piotr is our in-house translator as he speaks English, French, Polish and Norwegian. He is the proud owner of two dogs, Aslan and Emma. Piotr is a perfectionist that goes by the alias P-Tec as he tends to be very technically focused and detail oriented.

Torstein Nordstrand, Illustrator and Squash champion

Before joining us at Mir, Torstein made a living as a concept artist and freelance book illustrator. Torstein holds the highly regarded position as reigning squash champion at Mir.

James Burrell, Illustrator and Australian

Metal drumming, Modified Classic Cars and Food TV. James' eclectic set of interests match his sense of humor and spirit. If you cannot find James, navigate after the sound of double bass drums or the smell of freshly ground coffee.

Csaba Bánáti, Architect and Illustrator

Csabas trademark is his deep voice, but there's more to him than meets the ear. His hobbies include coming up with kick ass heavy metal riffs on his guitar, working out and drawing. 

Michail Kafasis, Architect and Cultural alibi

When the weather is right you can find Michail soaring over the west coast landscape of Norway in a glider. We found Michail around Jean Nouvel's office in Paris. Finally someone in our team who can tell Confit De Canard from Fried Chicken!

Truls Hamre Håheim, Stand in Manager for Solvår

Truls is helping us out with running the ship while Solvår is on maternity leave. He used to be an oil drilling engineer in the North Sea, but is now a land crab who loves walking his beautiful Samojed dog Anti.

Richard John Seymour, Architect and Photographer

In addition to being an architect, Richard is an award winning photographer and director. His short film Consumed was recently nominated in the British Short Film category at the Baftas.

Nicolas Dagna, Illustrator and Pineapple hater

Nicolas is an Argentinian/Italian pineapple-hater who is into cars and engines. He likes life the most when he can walk around and listen to music.