The Mir work process

We spend the first half of the production period creating what we call sketches. A sketch is a low resolution, rough version of a finished image. The sketch deals not only with camera angle, but also lighting, composition and mood. The reason we work like this is that we want our clients to understand exactly what the final image will look like before we start production. Once a sketch is approved by our client, we move on to producing it in full resolution with meticulous attention and care to detail and execution.

1. Client sends package to Mir containing:

-Brief explaining the purpose of the image.
-Finalized and detailed 3d model (No Archicad or Revit native format)
-2d plans of landscape and site
-Any available photos from site + google map location
-Photo references for materials, greenery etc.

2. Mir sends sketch(es) to client.

3. Client sign-off on sketch(es) with general comments in writing.

4. Mir sends high resolution image for comments (Client mark-up directly on to image in writing).

5. Mir sends final image for confirmation, fix misunderstandings if needed.

6. Final image.

*We keep in touch by e-mail and/or phone throughout the process to make sure our clients are not left in the dark

The Mir philosophy and motivation

Our goal is to inspire and create enthusiasm. Architecture is the perfect vessel for this, because architecture deals with who we are and where we are headed. Hopefully, our work can be a catalyst for positive change.

We aim to counter-balance the commercial and stereotypical aesthetic look and feel that architectural visualization has forced onto architecture; To bring back art to architecture and to show that life can be so much more.